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Text include files
Text dependencies
Text access – basic
Syntax of the
configuration text
source files
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SINUMERIK 840D/810D Configuring the OP 030 Operator Interface (FBO) – 09.01 Edition
The text makefiles generate text include files from the configuration
text source files so that the texts can be included in the configuration.
The text makefiles copy the text include files to the \proj\h directory.
The text include files define the symbolic identifiers (also called text IDs)
for the configuration.
Text include for application text IDs.
Text include for global text IDs.
Text include for standard text IDs.
When changes are made to a pj.txt or gl.txt, the application
configuration must be recompiled.
When changes are made to a ps.txt or gl.txt, the standard
configuration must be recompiled.
This is handled by the corresponding dependencies in the makefiles.
The assignments between text symbols and texts are made in
configuration text source files.
From this, the text makefile (+ text converter) generates a binary text
file for the run-time system and a text include file for the Development
The text include files are automatically included in the configuration
source files by the configuration include file proj.h.
The following three configuration source text files are stored at the
paths \proj\text\pj\*\.
pj.txt Configuration source file for the application configuration
gl.txt General configuration source file
ps.txt Configuration source file for the standard configuration
The syntax of the configuration source files is as follows:
symb_txt_id "text" [// comment]
Symbolic text identifier, must begin with a letter, max.
length 45 characters.
symb_txt_id must be unique within the entire
configuration (standard and application).
This is fulfilled by the following convention within the
supplied configuration version:
Text identifiers defined in the file XY.TXT
always begin with 'T_XY_' and are unique
within the file XY.TXT
(check by search in editor).
It is recommended to conform to this convention when
adding new texts to the application.
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