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configuration lists
List identifiers
List elements
list entries
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SINUMERIK 840D/810D Configuring the OP 030 Operator Interface (FBO) – 09.01 Edition
The configuring system is based on two management objects: the menu and
the window.
Windows are assigned to one menu.
Actions, reactions, events, softkeys and display elements (objects) can be
allocated to one window.
The number of these individual actions, reactions, events, softkeys and display
elements is variable from menu to menu and from window to window.
A configuration list (also referred to as a list) is a collection of elements of the
same type (e.g. actions, reactions, display elements).
A list is identified by:
A list type (action list, reaction list, object list, softkey object list, limit list,
A unique list identifier assigned by the person configuring the system.
Beginning and end.
A variable number of elements with different functionality (list elements).
Each list in the system can be identified uniquely by the list type and list
The list type must be a constant figure. Calculating operations are not
permitted at this point.
Each list has its own list identifier.
This list identifier must be unique to the whole system and is assigned by the
person configuring the system.
For more information on the list identifier, please refer to:
/FBO/, EU, Development Kit
/PJE/, HMI Embedded Configuring Package
Each list consists of a variable number of the same or different elements,
referred to as list elements.
These list elements are identified by their type and list-element-specific
Details of which elements (actions, reactions, limit values display elements)
can be included in which lists are given with the individual elements.
Introduction to Configuring (PSE)
1 Introduction


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