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Development Kit (EU)
6 Working with Visual Workbench and the Development Kit

Using Visual Workbench

General remarks
Compiler and linker
Errors, Warnings:
specification of line
Efficient work
Only make a few changes at a time.
Because of the modelled dependencies in the makefiles only the files
which are affected are regenerated. You hardly save any time by
regenerating the files at longer intervals. However, the causes of errors
are more difficult to localize.
Reduce the risk of accidental editing.
Select the write-protect option in the File – Open window of Workbench
if you only need to view a file or use it as a template.
Iconize files which you do not currently require. These are loaded again
as icons when you restart Workbench. Icons are always available but
are write-protected.
The following compiler options are set in the *.mak projects:
/nologo /G2 /W3 /ALu /Gt1 /Od /D "_DEBUG" /I "L:\public"
/I "L:\proj\h" /I "L:\proj\app\h" /I "L:\proj\std\h"
\proj\dat\proj.mak also contain the following linker options:
If these have been changed unintentionally, they should be reset under
<Options> <Project>.
In commands which extend across multiple lines in configuration source
files, the line number of the line containing the closing parenthesis or
the end of the statement is always specified in error or warning
For example, it should not be assumed in a parameter list that the last
parameter was the incorrectly passed parameter.
Advantages and disadvantages of a .mak project
In internal makefiles *.mak you can step through the messages in an
error or warning list with the <F4> key. The Workbench automatically
positions the cursor in the line of the file containing the error.
For a complete generation of your application, however, you have to
change repeatedly to an external makefile, because the workbench
does not provide adequate support for complex projects with defined
directory structures.
SINUMERIK 840D/810D Configuring the OP 030 Operator Interface (FBO) – 09.01 Edition
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