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Operator's Guide (BA)
2 Control Panel

Key actions

Navigation mode
Edit mode:
overwrite field
Edit mode:
change field
Save the input
Delete one
functions: addition,
In this mode, you can switch between the individual fields with the
cursor control keys and the Page Up and Page Down keys.
Position the cursor on the field you want to overwrite.
Enter the digits in the field.
Before you enter the digits the contents of the field are deleted
automatically by the system and the field is empty.
Position the cursor on the field you want to overwrite.
Open the field with the Edit key.
The contents of the field are retained.
You can now use the arrow keys to position the cursor in the field in
order to edit the contents.
You can save the input using the Input key or by editing the field with
the Up Arrow or Down Arrow keys.
If you press the Edit key again in edit mode, the data entered in your
field are not saved.
The field is closed and you are returned to navigation mode.
The value entered in the field before you switched to edit mode
reappears in the field.
In edit mode, you can use the Backspace key to delete the character to
the immediate left of the cursor.
Depending on their configuration, the fields are equipped with a
calculator function enabling addition and substraction operations to be
performed on the field contents.
Open the field in edit mode for insertion with the Edit key.
Enter + or –.
Enter your second operator (value).
Complete the entry with the Input key.
The result of the calculation appears in the field.
SINUMERIK 840D/810D Configuring the OP 030 Operator Interface (FBO) – 09.01 Edition
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