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Introduction to Configuring (PSE)
1 Introduction
Terms – Basic features
User interface
NCK variables
PLC variables
MMC variables
(notebook entry)
Display elements
and objects
Dialog fields
dynamic display
The purpose of the user interface is to enable the user to monitor and control a
machine tool.
The machine tool is controlled by the NC (NCK and PLC). Indirect control of
the machine tool is therefore possible by controlling the NCK and the PLC.
Neither the NCK nor the PLC have a user interface which the operator can
access directly.
However, the NCK and the PLC do have a defined software interface.
The system uses MMC variables which offer the machine tool manufacturer
access to the internal variables of the MMC or to his own self-defined MMC
variables. MMC variables are managed in notebooks.
The objective of the machine tool manufacturer (using the Development Kit
and Screen Kit) is therefore, using the NCK/PLC interface, to design a user
interface which provides the closest contact with the machine tool.
The PLC interface is generally defined by the machine tool manufacturer.
The NCK interface is described in the following document:
/LIS/, SINUMERIK 840D, Description of Functions, Lists
The layout of the user interface and the output of data on the screen are
controlled with the aid of predefined display elements. The display elements
are either static, i.e. unchanging (such as graphics composed of lines and
rectangles) or dynamic (e.g. display of variables from the NCK).
Display elements are also referred to on the following pages as display objects,
window objects or simply objects.
Dynamic display elements dynamically change their state.
The change can either be initiated by user inputs or by value changes in the
Dialog fields are, for example, output fields, input fields, input/output fields,
single/multiple selection fields, scroll bars, inverted fields and action fields.
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