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Introduction to Configuring (PSE)
8 Examples
Operating steps
Add window
Open the window
using the softkey
Link an additional application source file into the application makefile:
MSVC Workbench: <Project> <Edit...> menu
Each list to which an application is added must be entered in the
application list directory AP_L_DIR.H with an appropriate external
Close the windows:
Configuration Guide: CLOSE_WINDOW
Open the windows:
Configuration Guide: OPEN_WINDOW
A window can be activated (once) via a reference in the menu definition
block. It is closed again automatically when the menu definition block is
Order in which lists are processed when opening or closing a window:
1. Processing of the open list
2. Processing of the the object list
3. Activation of the reaction list
4. Activation of the softkey object list and softkey reaction list
Steps 1 and 2 are interchanged by setting the attribute
W_OPEN_AFTER_OBJ in the window definition block.
If further routines are called in an action, reaction or softkey reaction list in
which OPEN_WINDOW is called, these will be executed before the new
reaction or softkey reaction list becomes active.
MSVC Workbench
1. Open OEM_2.MAK application.
2. Open APP_WIN1.C and save under another name (e.g. APP_WIN2.C).
3. Select <Project> <Edit> menu.
Incorporate the newly created application source file in the current project.
4. Change list name in the APP_WIN2.C file from _WIN_1" to "_WIN_2".
5. In the AP_L_DIR.H file, add entries for the new lists of the APP_WIN2.C
6. Add to the text file the entry for the softkey designation and the header line
of the new window.
7. One softkey reaction list must be configured for each window in order to be
able to open the second window by activating the softkey.
8. Link the macros CLOSE_WINDOW and OPEN_WINDOW into the softkey
reaction lists.
SINUMERIK 840D/810D Configuring the OP 030 Operator Interface (FBO) – 09.01 Edition
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