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HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr Installation Manual: Diagtools

Hp netserver lh 3000 installation guide.
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Chapter 12
b. Check that all accessory boards are firmly seated in their slots.
c. Ensure that all disk drive power and data cables are securely and
properly connected. Verify the mass storage configuration with the
cabling and switch diagrams.
d. Verify that the DIMMs are firmly seated on the System Board. Verify
that added DIMMs are HP DIMMs.
e. Replace the HP NetServer covers and lock the system.
f. Replace all power cords and cables.
g. Turn on the monitor.
h. Turn on the server.
i. Check for error messages.
3. Copy DiagTools from the HP NetServer Navigator CD-ROM to diskette,
and run it from diskette.


You can create your own diskette of tools to diagnose components offline. A basic
suite of tools checks key NetServer components, and a menu of advanced tests is
available for in-depth testing.
Use DiagTools to test the following components:
system board
memory modules
flexible disks
serial ports
video monitor
DiagTools does not use any tests, which might write over and destroy user data.
The advanced series requires user inputs and decisions are left to the advanced
Use DiagTools to:
Display a high-level inventory of the system under test.
Save and print a detailed inventory of hardware components.
Conduct a basic test of components listed in the system inventory.
hard disk packs
parallel ports
CD-ROM drives



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