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HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr Installation Manual Page 16

Hp netserver lh 3000 installation guide.
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Chapter 1
9. Choose a NOS: Select the NOS to install and the version, if necessary.
10. Select the NOS installation mode: If you select certain versions of Novell
NetWare/IntranetWare or Microsoft Windows NT Server, you will be
asked, "Would you like to use HP's automated mode of NOS installation?"
Select Yes to choose automated NOS installation for first-time
installation of Novell NetWare/IntranetWare or Microsoft Windows
NT Server on a factory-configured HP NetServer.
Select No to use the manual NOS installation if:
you are installing a NOS other than Novell NetWare/IntranetWare
or Microsoft Windows NT Server
you have replaced accessory components
you have replaced HP accessories with non-HP accessories
11. View Configuration Advisories: Read the Configuration Advisories and
print them if necessary. Make any changes suggested in the advisories.
12. Configure Remote Management: If you plan to manage the HP NetServer
LH 3000/3000r remotely, refer to the HP NetServer Server Management
Reference Guide for instructions. Select "Configure Remote Management"
on the Navigator screen to configure Integrated Remote Assistant.
13. Show System Information: Select "View System Information" to get
information about accessory boards and devices. Select "View Resources"
to view used and available system resources.
14. Install the NOS Automated: If you selected the HP automated NOS
installation process, you will be guided through the process by a series of
HP display screens:
Install Utility Partition: This step creates a disk utility partition on the
server boot hard disk drive where HP Navigator will copy
troubleshooting and other utilities.
Select "Execute" on the Install Utility Partition screen to install
the partition. The utility partition is not available under SCO
Execute Card Utilities: Select "Execute" on the Execute Card Utilities
screen to run the accessory board configuration utilities.
Setting Up the HP NetServer LH 3000r and LH 3000



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