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HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr Manual

Hp netserver lxr pro8 scsi extender.
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HP NetServer LXr Pro8
SCSI Extender Installation
HP Part Number 5967-2104
Printed in January 1998



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   Summary of Contents for HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr

  • Page 1

    HP NetServer LXr Pro8 SCSI Extender Installation Guide HP Part Number 5967-2104 Printed in January 1998...

  • Page 2

    Notice The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. Hewlett-Packard makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this material, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Hewlett-Packard shall not be liable for errors contained herein or for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of this material.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Preface......................1 Purpose of this Guide..................1 Contents of this Guide..................1 Intended Audience ..................1 Related Documentation..................2 1 Introduction....................3 Verifying Contents..................3 2 Installing the SCSI Extender................5 Installation Procedure ..................5 Tools Required....................6 Power-Down Procedure .................7 Accessing the Lower Board Cage..............9 Removing the Existing SCSI Extender Tray..........13 Installing the SCSI Extender ................

  • Page 5: Preface

    Preface Purpose of this Guide This guide describes the steps you need to perform to install and configure the SCSI Extender (HP Product Number D5963A) in an HP NetServer LXr Pro8. The SCSI Extender is a single-ended to single-ended repeater. It contains six SCSI channels for the HP NetServer LXr Pro8 system board and the external SCSI busses.

  • Page 6: Related Documentation

    Preface Related Documentation The following documents describe the HP NetServer LXr Pro8: The HP NetServer LXr Pro8 User Guide The Product and Service Reference Labels Information Assistant on the HP NetServer Navigator CD-ROM...

  • Page 7: Introduction

    1 Introduction Verifying Contents Unpack and verify the contents of the shipping box against the Contents Checklist included with your HP NetServer LXr Pro8 SCSI Extender board. If anything is missing or damaged, call your reseller. The contents of the shipping box should include: The SCSI Extender assembly, which includes the SCSI Extender board, Power and Control board, fan wire harness, and the SCSI Extender tray.

  • Page 9: Installing The Scsi Extender

    2 Installing the SCSI Extender This chapter includes guidelines and instructions for: Powering down the NetServer Removing the existing SCSI Extender tray Installing the SCSI Extender Assembly NOTE The HP LXr Pro8 NetServer can be upgraded by installing one SCSI Extender board. Contact your reseller or HP Customer Support for guidelines and product ordering information.

  • Page 10: Tools Required

    Chapter 2 Installing the SCSI Extender The SCSI Extender is installed in the bottom of the NetServer satellite chassis. You can reach it by extending the satellite chassis from the base chassis, removing the lower fan module and removing the rear access panel. Tools Required To install a SCSI Extender, first remove the lower fan module and the rear access panel.

  • Page 11: Power-down Procedure

    Chapter 2 Installing the SCSI Extender Power-Down Procedure Power to the satellite chassis must be turned off before removing or installing the SCSI Extender. 1. Save your existing system configuration. 2. Log off all users, shut down all networking software, applications, and the operating system.

  • Page 12

    Chapter 2 Installing the SCSI Extender 4. Unlock the power interlock switch at the HP NetServer's rear by turning it clockwise (Figure 2-3). The switch also turns off DC power to the HP NetServer, and also unlocks the satellite chassis. See the HP NetServer LXr Pro8 User Guide for more details on opening and closing the HP NetServer chassis.

  • Page 13: Accessing The Lower Board Cage

    Chapter 2 Installing the SCSI Extender Accessing the Lower Board Cage The lower board cage holds the NetServer’s SCSI Extender and memory boards. To reach these boards, you extend the satellite chassis and remove the lower fan module and rear access panel. NOTE If the server is mounted in a rack, cables most likely run from the satellite chassis to other rack components.

  • Page 14

    Chapter 2 Installing the SCSI Extender 2. Stand behind the HP NetServer and grasp the two ejector handles on the HP NetServer’s rear panel. Pull both handles down firmly, and then pull the satellite toward you. Pull it out until its slides are fully extended. The slides lock in the extended position, so that the satellite cannot move while you service it (Figure 2-5).

  • Page 15

    Chapter 2 Installing the SCSI Extender 3. Remove the lower fan module, as shown in Figure 2-6: a. Grasp the handles on either end of the unit and push them toward each other. b. While continuing to push the handles, pull the fan module toward you. The module slides backward off its mounting rails.

  • Page 16

    Chapter 2 Installing the SCSI Extender 4. Remove the NetServer’s rear access panel, as shown in Figure 2-7. a. Loosen the three captive screws that fix the panel in place. b. Lift the panel straight up and toward you. Rear Access Panel Captive Screws Figure 2-7.

  • Page 17: Removing The Existing Scsi Extender Tray

    Chapter 2 Installing the SCSI Extender Removing the Existing SCSI Extender Tray The HP NetServer has one slot for the SCSI Extender tray. Follow these steps to remove the existing SCSI Extender tray: 1. After removing the rear access panel, locate the SCSI Extender tray. The existing tray may only have the Power and Control board installed (Figure 2-8).

  • Page 18: Installing The Scsi Extender

    Chapter 2 Installing the SCSI Extender Installing the SCSI Extender Tray Do the following steps to install the SCSI Extender tray: 1. On the satellite chassis, locate the SCSI Extender slot at the bottom of the satellite chassis board cage (Figure 2-9). 2.

  • Page 19

    Chapter 2 Installing the SCSI Extender 4. Reattach the rear access panel. a. Lower the panel into place. A slotted flange extends from the top of the panel on either side. Lower the slots over the matching tabs on the satellite chassis.

  • Page 20

    Chapter 2 Installing the SCSI Extender Push down the release latches on each slide. Then push the satellite partly onto the base chassis. Release Latch Figure 2-9. Unlocking the Slides c. If you do not depress these two latches, the satellite cannot move all the way onto the base chassis.

  • Page 21: Power-up Procedure

    Chapter 2 Installing the SCSI Extender Power-Up Procedure 1. Install the AC power cord (if it was removed). 2. Install the system cables (if they had been removed). 3. Turn the power interlock switch at the rear of the HP NetServer counter clockwise to the locked position.

  • Page 23: Troubleshooting

    3 Troubleshooting Diagnostics Overview A set of diagnostics procedures and reporting facilities points you towards a troubleshooting solution if problems occur. The BIOS POST Test During the POST test, error message codes are reported on the screen for specified error conditions. The errors are logged in the Error Message Utility (EMU) and/or the Error Log Report Utility (ELRU) -- part of the NetServer Utilities package on the HP NetServer Navigator CD-ROM.

  • Page 24: Troubleshooting Resources

    Chapter 3 Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Resources If you are having problems installing your SCSI Extender board, a number of different tools help to troubleshoot the problem: HP NetServer LXr Pro8 User Guide HP NetServer Navigator CD-ROM HP NetServer Information Assistant List of Error Messages and Beep Error Messages Problem solving processes NetServer Utilities...

  • Page 25: Service And Support

    NOTE Please note that sales and support for this Hewlett-Packard product may not be currently available in all countries listed below. U.S. and Canada For hardware repair or telephone support in the U.S. and Canada, contact either:...

  • Page 26: Europe

    Chapter 4 Service and Support Europe For hardware repair or telephone support in Europe, contact either: Participating Service Authorized HP Personal Computer Reseller HP Customer Support Center (Netherlands) for the following countries: Austria: 0660 6386 Belgium (Dutch): 02 626 8806 Belgium (French): 02 626 8807 Denmark:...

  • Page 27: Asia/pacific

    Chapter 4 Service and Support Asia/Pacific For hardware service and telephone support, contact either: A participating Reseller HP Customer Support Center: Australia: +61 (03) 9272 8000 China: +86 (10) 6505 3888 Hong Kong: 800 967729 (toll free) India: +91 (011) 682 6035 Indonesia: +62 21 350 3408 Japan:...

  • Page 28: Ordering Hp Cables, Drive Trays, And Technical Publications

    Service and Support Ordering HP Cables, Drive Trays, and Technical Publications If you need more technical information, Hewlett-Packard publishes other references that you can order from HP, such as the HP NetServer Product Line Service Handbook. Service information and reference documents, such as the Dealer Configuration File Creation Guide (CFG), are also available in Information Assistant on the HP NetServer Navigator CD-ROM.

  • Page 29: Contacting Hp Regional Headquarters

    Service and Support Contacting HP Regional Headquarters Should you need to contact Hewlett-Packard, check your local telephone directory for the HP Sales and Service Office near you. If you cannot locate an HP office, contact one of the Worldwide HP Marketing Headquarters listed here:...

  • Page 30: Joining Compuserve

    Chapter 4 Service and Support Joining CompuServe To open a CompuServe account or to obtain information on access numbers and charges in your country, you can purchase a CompuServe startup kit at a computer software reseller or you can contact CompuServe directly. Mention "Representative 133"...

  • Page 31: Hardware Warranty

    5 Hardware Warranty This HP NetServer accessory is covered by a limited hardware warranty for a period of one year from receipt by the original end-user purchaser. Once installed in an HP NetServer, this accessory may carry the longer of either a one-year warranty or the remainder of the warranty period for the NetServer in which it is installed.

  • Page 33: Specifications

    6 Specifications Electrical Power Budget Components are powered at +5 volts. Power Dissipation +5.0 V 15 W Environmental Environment Specification Temperature Non-operating -40 C to 70 C Operating 5 C to 35 C Humidity Non-operating 5% to 95% Operating 20% to 80% Altitude Non-operating 40,000 feet (pressure altitude)

  • Page 35: Regulatory Information

    EMC directive 89/336/EEC. the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC 1) This Product was tested in a typical configuration with Hewlett-Packard peripherals. Santa Clara, CA, USA, September 30, 1997 Nigel Marrion / Quality Engineering Manager For Compliance Information ONLY, contact: European Contact: Your local Hewlett-Packard Sales and Service Office or Hewlett-Packard GmbH, Department ZQ / Standards Europe, Herrenberger Straße 130, D-71034 Böblingen (FAX: + 49-7031-143143)

  • Page 37: Index

    Readme File, 3 SCSI Extender, 19 SCSI Extender, 3 Contents Checklist, 3 SCSI Interface, 1 help Troubleshooting CompuServe, 26 Diagnostics Overview, 19 from Hewlett-Packard, 25 Troubleshooting Resources, 20 Installing the SCSI Extender, 14 Warranty Information, 27 LXr Pro8 NetServer systems, 1...

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