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HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr Installation Manual: Replacing The Hp Netserver Lh 3000 Covers

Hp netserver lh 3000 installation guide.
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Chapter 3

Replacing the HP NetServer LH 3000 Covers

Do NOT operate the NetServer for more than thirty minutes
with any cover (including power supplies and disk drives)
removed. Otherwise, damage to system components may
result due to improper cooling airflow.
1. For each of the side covers, insert the two metal tabs, at the end opposite
the handle, into the two openings at the top and bottom corners of the
chassis. Hold the cover in place, but do not slide the tabs in completely yet.
2. Align the four, widely-spaced, metal tabs on the cover's long, top edge
against the top edge of the four widely-spaced openings on the top of the
3. Hold the top of the cover in this position with one hand, while pressing the
bottom edge of the cover with the other hand until the cover is completely
flush against the chassis.
4. Check that the four closely-spaced metal tabs are in their four openings at
the rear of the HP NetServer. The cover is secure when all edges are flush
against the chassis and you cannot easily shift it.
5. Gently slide the cover until the rear edge snaps into place.
6. Tighten the thumbscrew at the front of the top cover.
7. For the top cover, insert the four metal tabs, at the end opposite the handle,
under the flange at the rear of the chassis.
8. Press the top cover back to the rear of the chassis, then slide it to the left to
engage the five tabs on the left side of the cover. The cover can then be
moved backward allowing the thumbscrew to be tightened.
9. Snap the bezel on the bezel hinge and swing the bezel closed engaging the
bezel latch (see Figure 3-8).
10. Lock the bezel using the supplied key and remove the key from the front of
the NetServer.
Opening and Closing the HP NetServer



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