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HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr Installation Manual: Setting The Hp Netserver's Boot Passwords

Hp netserver lh 3000 installation guide.
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Chapter 10
3. If necessary, use the up-arrow key to move to the System Time field.
The "System Time" field is highlighted by default when the
"Configuration" menu is selected. This field actually consists of three
sub-fields, enclosed in brackets [xx:xx:xx]: hours to the left (24-hour
clock), minutes in the middle, and seconds to the right.
4. Type in the hour and press Enter to move to the minutes field.
5. Then type in the minutes and press Enter again to move to the seconds
6. Type in the seconds and press Enter, then use the arrow keys to leave this
7. Scroll to System Date field to enter the system date in the field.
The dates are entered in the "System Date" field in the same way as the
time is entered in the "System Time" field. This field also has three
separate sub-fields for month, day, and year enclosed in brackets
8. Type in the month and press Enter to move to the day field.
9. Then type in the day and press Enter again to move to the year field.
10. Type in the year and press Enter, and then use the arrow keys to leave this
11. Use the right-arrow or left-arrow key to select the Exit menu.
12. Choose Exit Saving Changes from the list of exit options, then press
A dialog appears and asks you to confirm your decision.
13. Choose Yes and then press Enter.
Then the HP NetServer reboots.

Setting the HP NetServer's Boot Passwords

Use this topic to set a password to boot the HP NetServer. Further, you can have a
separate administrator password and a user password, but the user password is
limited in access once booted.
To configure the HP NetServer for passwords and require a password on boot-up,
refer to the following procedure.
1. If not already in the Setup Utility, boot or reboot the system and press F2
when prompted.
Configuring the HP NetServer



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