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HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr Installation Manual Page 104

Hp netserver lh 3000 installation guide.
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Chapter 8
Installing the HP NetServer in the HP Rack System/E or Rack System/U
3. Extend the slides until you hear a click, indicating they are locked. Note
that slides do not come apart.
The slide members cannot be removed.
4. Remove power supplies and hard disk drives from the server to reduce the
total weight to be lifted.
Two people are required to move or lift the NetServer. The
HP NetServer LH 3000r weighs up to 176 pounds (80 kg.)
when fully loaded.
5. Lift the HP NetServer by the handles until the handles are above the
extended slide members (see Figure 8-10).
6. Move the HP NetServer toward the rack, between the slide members, until
all four HP NetServer handles are over the slide members.
The HP NetServer must be moved horizontally onto the
extended slides. You cannot lower it onto the slides.
Figure 8-10. Mounting the HP NetServer on the Slides


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