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HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr Installation Manual Page 135

Hp netserver lh 3000 installation guide.
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Chapter 10
boards) installed. The system attempts to boot the NOS on the first hard
disk drive (or DAC or SCSI board) found in this list. If no NOS is found,
the system tries the next hard drive in the list until a NOS is found.
1. [Bootable Cards]
2. [#30 ID01 LUN0 HP
3. [#30 ID02 LUN0 HP
6. Use the plus (+) or minus (-) keys to move the desired hard drive (or DAC
or SCSI board) to the top of the list.
The HD boot list has a maximum capacity of eight (8) logical drives.
If a bootable Disk Array Controller (DAC) board is used, the RAID
array is seen as a single logical drive.
If more than eight logical drives are connected to the HP NetServer,
drives 9 and above (including the DAC or SCSI boards and the drives
connected to each) will not be recognized by the Setup Utility.
You will not be able to enter the Setup Utility to make changes to these
logical drives (including DACs and SCSI boards) during the boot
However, these logical devices (including DACs and SCSI boards) will
be properly recognized and activated by the respective NOS.
For more information about selection guidelines, refer to Information
Assistant on the HP NetServer Online Documentation CD-ROM.
7. Press Esc to exit the Hard Drive menu.
8. Press Esc again to exit the Boot Settings menu.
9. Use the right-arrow key to select the Exit menu.
10. Choose "Exit Saving Changes" from the list of exit options, then press
A dialog appears asking you to confirm your decision.
11. Choose "Yes" and press Enter.
Then the HP NetServer reboots.
Configuring the HP NetServer
4.26GB A]
4.26GB A]



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