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HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr Installation Manual Page 59

Hp netserver lh 3000 installation guide.
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Chapter 4
Follow the setup steps in the exact order shown below for a successful installation.
Skip any steps that do not apply to your installation.
1. Log off all users and gracefully shut down the network operating system
according to directions in your NOS documentation.
2. Power down the HP NetServer according to the instructions in Chapter 2,
"Controls, Ports, and Indicators."
3. Disconnect the power cords and cables and, if necessary, label each one to
support re-assembly.
The power supplies will continue to provide standby current to
the NetServer until the power cable is disconnected.
4. For rack-mount and pedestal models, follow the instructions in Chapter 3,
"Opening and Closing the HP NetServer," to gain access to the server.
5. Select an available shelf for the device and remove the filler panel.
6. If the device you are installing is the boot device, check the boot priority.
7. Install the device on a mass storage tray following the directions included
with the tray.
8. Connect the cable from the power supply and the SE SCSI cable from the
I/O board to the device.
9. Follow the procedure in Chapter 3, "Opening and Closing the HP
NetServer," for closing up the server.
10. Reconnect power and cables.
11. Configure the drive according to steps in Chapter 10, "Configuring the HP
Restore the HP NetServer to normal operation.
This completes your non-hot-swap mass storage installation.
Installing Mass Storage Devices



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