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HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr Upgrade Manual: Run The Setup Utility; Run The Hp Diagtools Utility

Hp netserver lh 3000/3000r to lh 6000/6000r upgrade guide.
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Chapter 5

Run the Setup Utility

After you update your BIOS, you must run the Setup utility to reset your
configuration in CMOS.
1. Make sure the new HP NetServer Navigator CD-ROM is still inserted and
turn on power to the HP NetServer.
2. Check the LEDs on each power supply. When a power supply is operating
correctly, its LED glows steady green.
3. Start the Setup utility by following the onscreen instructions that appear
after the first few startup messages.
After the Setup utility has started, do the following:
a. Press F9 to restore Setup Defaults.
b. Check the setting that enables either HP NetRAID or LVD SCSI as
1. From the Configuration menu, highlight Embedded LAN and
SCSI Settings and press Enter.
2. Select HP NetRAID / LVD SCSI and press Enter.
3. Select one of the following using the + and - keys:
Enable LVD SCSI indicates that all hot-swap drives will be
controlled by the embedded SCSI controllers on the I/O
baseboard. HP NetRAID is disabled.
Enable HP NetRAID indicates that all hot-swap drives will be
controlled by the integrated HP NetRAID controllers on the I/O
baseboard. This is the default value.
c. If you need to change the boot device priority, select Boot Settings
from the Configuration menu, then select Boot Device Priority.
d. Make other configuration changes as necessary.
e. Press F10 to exit Setup, and save your changes. The NetServer will

Run the HP DiagTools Utility

HP DiagTools is an offline diagnostic program that validates hardware and helps
distinguish hardware problems from software or configuration issues.
Updating Firmware


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