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HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr Using

Hp netservers and data warehousing.
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Product Brief
HP NetServers for Business
Intelligence and Mid-Market
Data Warehousing Solutions
Hewlett-Packard has long provided enter-
prise data warehouse and data mart solu-
tions for information storage and retrieval
needs to large corporations worldwide.
Until recently, only large corporate enti-
ties could create data warehouses, depart-
ment-specific data marts of departmental-
ized and replicated data warehouse infor-
mation and business intelligence solutions
to better serve decision support needs
because of the complexity and high
investment required.
Today, mid- and small-sized companies
are being faced with competitive pres-
sures and business demands which have
increased their need to manage, retrieve,
and analyze information on demand. Data
warehousing has become the foundation
for business intelligence, helping busi-
nesses make better and more timely deci-
sions to succeed in today's competitive
Data warehousing solutions are now
accessible for small- to mid-sized compa-
nies running Intel
-based server solutions
including Windows
NT and Novell
. For these companies, data
warehousing solutions require a flexible,
cost-effective platform that can meet
growing business needs and be built on a
solid server infrastructure that offers
highly available, scalable and manageable
components, and experienced product
support and services. HP NetServers pro-
vide the platform of choice.
HP NetServers and Data Warehousing
Expandable, scalable family of servers
In-box server upgrades
Full range mass storage and backup
Partnerships with ISVs for tested,
tuned, comprehensive business solutions
High-performance, rack-optimized servers
Multi-processors capable
High density
Support for latest Intel processors
High-availability and reliability features
Redundant hot-swap drives, PCI
cards, power supplies, and fans
Mission Critical Support Suites with
99.9% uptime commitment with NT
Storage for data warehousing
Rack optimized storage (RS/8, RS/12)
with up to 1.6 Terabyte storage capacity
HP Fiber Channel rack storage (RS/12FC)
HP AutoRAID support
Compatible with HP/EMC Symmetrix 3000
Broad range of HP backup solutions
Manageability for data warehousing
HP TopTools
HP OpenView ManageX/SE (shipped with
every HP NetServer L series system)
Web browser-based remote management
HP OpenWarehouse Program
HP Technology advantage
Complete end-to-end solution
Partner Alliance program
HP Racks Express
Customized servers
Complete rack solutions
Shipped directly to a reseller or customer
Top TPC-C and TPC-D benchmarks
in the industry for Intel-based
Windows NT servers!
Cluster Server Certification
Faster and flexible deployment
of data mart and application
Ability to expand growing
information needs
Quickest access to the data
and faster applications
Reduced downtime. So,
business can keep running
night and day, every day.
Low-cost highly available
storage solution providing data
warehouse capacity up to
Best integrated management
solution for data warehousing.
Lower management costs.
Improved revenue and prof-
itability. One source for broad
range of heterogeneous busi-
ness intelligence solutions.
Faster deployment


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    Intelligence and Mid-Market Top TPC-C and TPC-D benchmarks in the industry for Intel-based Data Warehousing Solutions Windows NT servers! Hewlett-Packard has long provided enter- Feature Benefit prise data warehouse and data mart solu- tions for information storage and retrieval Expandable, scalable family of servers Faster and flexible deployment needs to large corporations worldwide.

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    8-way Xeon upgradable 4-way Xeon upgradable 20,224 tpmC 99.9% uptime commitment from HP HP NetServer LH 3 & LH 3r HP NetServer LXr 8000*** Industry Standard Benchmarks ServerBench: 770 tps two-way* ServerBench: 1655 tps four-way. TPC-C using Microsoft SQLServer version 7.0: 20,223.76 tpmC at $30.54/tpmC —...

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    NetServers come with a number tion that manages HP servers, desk- of state-of-the-art features that tops, mobiles, hubs and switches, Hewlett-Packard is recognized prevent downtime including and printers from a single applica- as an industry leader with over redundant, hot-swap compo- tion.

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    Technical information in this document For more information, see: installment plans that allow for is subject to change without notice. financing over a term convenient © Copyright Hewlett-Packard for you, generally with no down Company 1998 payment. All rights reserved. Reproduction,...

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