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3Xlogic All-In-One Pc Setup Tool - Camera Setup - 3xLogic VX-2S-CPIR-W User Manual

All in one multi sensor camera
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to the device and begin camera configuration. Proceed to
for remaining instructions on camera configuration.
Upon initial login, you will be required to change the camera's default login credentials as a security precaution. To
1. Enter a new Username and Password. You will be required to enter the password in a second field for
confirmation. Click Continue to assign the new credentials. A live video preview will now deploy on your
2. Position the camera to achieve the field-of-vision as required by your site specifications. When you have
achieved the desired field-of-vision, click Continue. The Camera Settings page will load.
3. Enter a Camera Name. The camera will be referenced by this name throughout the VIGIL VMS (VIGIL
Client, VCM, View Lite II, etc...).
4. Enter a custom VIGIL Connect Alias. The camera's serial number will be used by default.
5. Select a Time Zone.
Under Advanced Settings, a user can set a custom settings profile (the Default profile or High
Resolution) and can choose to sync the camera with an NTP Server (enabled by default;
6. Once you have filled in all the fields, click Continue to complete setup.
7. The Setup Complete page will deploy. Camera and Installer Summary info will be listed for you reference.
To add additional cameras, click the Add more camera to the site button and repeat the above steps as
necessary for all cameras. If you have no remaining cameras to configure, click Continue.
8. The Camera Setup Summary – Email Recipient page will load. By default, the summary email will be sent
to the provided Installer Email. Add more recipients as desired (click Add Another Email) and click
Continue to finish the camera setup process. A summary email will be sent to all configured recipients.
The app will instruct the Cloud to automatically update the camera's VIGIL software (if required),
format the on-board SD Card (if required) and update camera firmware (if required). A second e-mail will
be sent when this process is complete.
9. Click Finish to exit the app.
After both confirmation emails are received, the setup process is complete. Your VX-2S-CPIR-W should be
recording to on-board storage (PIR and video motion recording by default) and is ready to be interfaced with the
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3xLOGIC All-In-One PC Setup Tool - Camera



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