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Programming LOGO!
3.7 Writing and starting the circuit program
4. Move to the next letter: Press
5. Select " C": Press
6. Confirm the complete name: Press OK
Your circuit program is now named "ABC", and you are returned to the programming menu.
To change the name of your circuit program, proceed in the same way.
You can change the name of the circuit program only in programming mode. You can read
the name both in programming and in parameter assignment mode.


You can protect a circuit program from unauthorized access by assigning it a password.
You can only assign or deactivate a password from a LOGO! Basic or from LOGO!Soft
Comfort. You can only change a password from a LOGO! Basic. If you have assigned a
password, and are using a LOGO! TD (version ES4 or later) together with a LOGO! Base
Module (version ES4 or later), you must enter this password if you want to change LOGO!
from RUN mode to STOP mode from the LOGO! TD. You can not stop the execution of the
circuit program in LOGO! from the LOGO! TD without entering the password.
This password protection function is only available in the LOGO! TD with version number
ES4 or later. This function is only available under the following conditions:
• The version number of both the LOGO! Base Module and the LOGO! TD installed is at
least ES4
• LOGO! is currently in RUN mode and you want to switch to STOP mode
There is only one password that you can assign for LOGO!. You can only assign it from the
LOGO! Basic or from LOGO!Soft Comfort. To change LOGO! from RUN to STOP from the
LOGO! TD, you must enter the password from the LOGO! TD as described below in the
section "Changing LOGO! from RUN to STOP mode from the LOGO! TD".
Manual, 10/2017, A5E01248535-AA


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