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Setting The Number Of Ais In The Logo! Basic - Siemens LOGO! Manual

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To set the menu language in programming mode:
If you want to set the menu language in programming mode, select 'Setup' in the main menu,
then menu 'Menu Lang'. You can now set the menu language as described earlier (as of
step 6.).
To reset LOGO! to its default language setting:
If you want to restore LOGO! to its default language setting (English), do the following:
1. Switch off LOGO! and then switch it on again.
2. When an hourglass icon displays, press
entries appear.

Setting the number of AIs in the LOGO! Basic

LOGO! 12/24RC/RCo, LOGO! 24/24o and LOGO! 24C/24Co support up to four onboard
inputs that can be used as either digital or analog inuts (0 ...10V). Inputs I7 (AI1) and I8 (AI2)
are available as analog inputs by default, whether you use them or not. Inputs I1 (AI3) and I2
(AI4) are optional analog inputs. A LOGO! Basic provides a menu where you can choose to
use two analog inputs (the default, AI1 and AI2), or four. Regardless of the settings, inputs I1
and I2 can be used as digital inputs. To use them as analog inputs AI3 and AI4, you must set
the 'BM AI NUM' to four. Note that the number of configured analog inputs on the LOGO!
Basic affects the subsequent numbering of analog inputs on attached expansion modules
(See the "Maximum setup (Page 27)" topic).
To set the number of AIs in parameter assignment mode:
1. Select parameter assignment mode (Page 215).
2. On the parameter assignment menu,
select 'Set': Press
3. Confirm 'Set..': Press OK
4. On the Set menu, select 'BM AI NUM': Press
5. Confirm 'BM AI NUM': Press OK
6. Move to '2AI' or '4AI': Press
7. Confirm selection. Press OK
Manual, 10/2017, A5E01248535-AA
5.2 Setting the default values for LOGO!
and OK together until the English menu
Configuring LOGO!


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