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LOGO! memory and battery cards

LOGO! provides the following cards for program storage and real-time clock backup:
● LOGO! Memory Card
● LOGO! Battery Card
● LOGO! Memory/Battery Card
Each of the three cards is color-coded to make them easily distinguishable from one another.
They also vary in size. The LOGO! Memory Card (purple) provides storage for the circuit
program. The LOGO! Battery Card (green) provides battery backup of the real-time clock for
up to two years. The LOGO! Memory/Battery card (brown) provides both circuit program
storage and battery backup of the real-time clock.
Risk of death, personal injury or property damage can occur if you use the battery card or
combined memory/battery card in a hazardous location.
Use the battery card or combined memory/battery card only in non-hazardous locations.
The LOGO! 0BA6 Memory Card and the LOGO! 0BA6 Memory/Battery Card provide 32
Kbytes memory space: four times the memory space of the LOGO! 0BA5 Memory Card.
LOGO! allows you to store only one circuit program in its memory. If you want to modify the
circuit program or create an additional one without deleting the first, you must archive it
You can copy the LOGO! circuit program to a LOGO! Memory Card or LOGO!
Memory/Battery card. You can then insert this card in another LOGO! in order to copy the
circuit program. This enables you to manage your programs in the following ways:
● Archive circuit programs
● Reproduce circuit programs
● Send circuit programs by mail
● Write and test your circuit program at the office, and then transfer it to a LOGO! in the
switching cabinet
LOGO! is supplied with a hood. The LOGO! Memory Card, LOGO! Battery Card and LOGO!
Memory/Battery Card are supplied separately.
Manual, 10/2017, A5E01248535-AA


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