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LOGO! without display ("LOGO! Pure")
Operating characteristics
LOGO! is ready for operation when power is switched on. Switching off a LOGO! without
display is equivalent to disconnecting the power supply, e.g. as if you were removing the
The circuit program of LOGO!...o versions cannot be started or stopped by means of
buttons. This is why the LOGO!...o versions have other startup characteristics:
Startup characteristics
If there is no circuit program in LOGO! or on the inserted memory card or combined
memory/battery card, LOGO! remains in STOP.
If there is a valid circuit program in LOGO! memory, the LOGO! automatically switches from
STOP to RUN when power is switched on.
The circuit program on an inserted memory card or combined memory/battery card is
automatically copied to LOGO!, immediately after power is switched on. The existing circuit
program in LOGO! memory is overwritten. The system automatically changes from STOP to
Provided the PC cable is connected to LOGO! (Page 239), you can download the circuit
program to LOGO! and start it by means of LOGO!Soft Comfort PC software.
Operating status indication
Operating states, e.g. Power On, RUN and STOP are indicated by an LED on the front hood.
● Red LED: Power On/STOP
● Green LED: Power On/RUN
The red LED is lit after Power On and in all LOGO! states other than RUN. The green LED is
lit when LOGO! is in RUN mode.
Reading current data
LOGO!Soft Comfort provides an online test for reading the current data of all functions while
the system is in RUN.
If your LOGO! without display holds a protected memory card or combined memory/battery
card, you cannot read the current data unless you enter the correct password (Page 229) for
the circuit program. The circuit program is otherwise deleted from LOGO! memory when you
remove the memory card or combined memory/battery card to connect the PC cable.
Deleting the circuit program
Use LOGO!Soft Comfort to delete the circuit program and password if a password exists.
Manual, 10/2017, A5E01248535-AA


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