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To configure the message destination and tick type (programming mode):
1. From the Priority and Acknowledgement screen form, press
Destination screen form.
2. Press
3. Press
BM & TD.
4. From the Message Destination screen form, press
5. If your message text has lines that tick, press
line and then press
6. From the Tick Type screen, press
message text. LOGO! displays the following screen form:
7. Press
8. Press
"No" and "Yes" for line 2. From the last line press
and 4. Configure line ticking for lines 3 and 4 in the same way as for lines 1 and 2.
9. Press OK to confirm the complete message text configuration.
Manual, 10/2017, A5E01248535-AA
to position the cursor on the "BM" line.
to toggle through the three choices for message destination: BM, TD, or
to select either "Ch by Ch" or "Ln by Ln" for the TickType.
to choose between "No" and "Yes" to define whether line 1 ticks.
to move the cursor to the second line, and press
to access the Tick Type screen
to position the cursor on the "Ch by Ch"
to enable or disable ticking for each line of the
to go to the screen from for lines 3
LOGO! functions
4.4 Special functions list - SF
to access the Message
to choose between


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