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Retentive on-delay

Short description
A one-shot at the input triggers a configurable on-delay time. The output is set when this
time has expired.
Symbol in LOGO!
Parameter T
Note the defaults specified in topic Time response (Page 115).
The time for parameter T can be provided by the actual value of another already-
programmed function. You can use the actual values of the following functions:
● Analog comparator (Page 165) (actual value Ax – Ay)
● Analog threshold trigger (Page 160) (actual value Ax)
● Analog amplifier (Page 173) (actual value Ax)
● Analog multiplexer (Page 194) (actual value AQ)
● Analog ramp (Page 197) (actual value AQ)
● Analog math (Page 209) (actual value AQ)
● PI controller (Page 201) (actual value AQ)
● Up/down counter (Page 151) (actual value Cnt)
Select the required function by the block number. The timebase is configurable. For
information on valid ranges and parameter defaults, refer to the On-delay (Page 123) topic.
Manual, 10/2017, A5E01248535-AA
Input Trg
A signal at input Trg (Trigger) triggers the on-delay
Input R
A signal at input R resets the on-delay time and the
T represents the on-delay time for the output (output
status transition 0 to 1).
/ = no retentivity
R = The status is retentive.
Output Q
Q is set after the time T has expired.
LOGO! functions
4.4 Special functions list - SF


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