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Programming LOGO!

3.2 EIB inputs/outputs

EIB inputs/outputs
The application program "20 CO LOGO! 900E02" controls the communication between the
LOGO! and the EIB/KNX bus via the communication module CM EIB/KNX.
By configuring the application program in ETS (EIB Tool Software), the division of the input
and output area of the LOGO! can be defined as a "hardware channel" and as a "virtual
channel" on the EIB/KNX bus.
This characteristic also applies for analog processing.
A communication object is assigned to each "hardware channel" and each "virtual channel"
of LOGO! module.
The real-time clock of LOGO! can be used as a master or slave via the EIB/KNX bus.
The behavior of the communication objects of the communication module CM EIB/KNX,
when the status of the EIB/KNX bus changes, can also be parameterised.
A "virtual input channel" can be used as a bus state; that is, a bus voltage failure can be
The settings for analog values in LOGO! (Offset, Gain) do not affect the analog values for
the CM EIB/KNX communication module (the output values of the CM EIB/KNX are always
the raw values between 0 and 1000). In this case, you must parameterize customizing in the
Functions of the application program
● Specification of the hardware configuration (number of local digital inputs and outputs,
analog inputs)
● Selection of time master or slave
● Use of I24 as a bus status signal
● Behavior on bus voltage failure/recovery
● Input type as monoflop/normal for digital inputs via the EIB/KNX
● Output type as normal/dimmer/edge evaluation for digital outputs via the EIB/KNX
● Data type, adaptation, cyclical sending and sending on change in value for analog
outputs via the EIB/KNX and analog inputs on LOGO!
Any further details about configuring the application program in ETS can be found in the
current application program description.
For the application program see Siemens product database from version J onwards:
Manual, 10/2017, A5E01248535-AA


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