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LOGO! memory and battery cards
You do not need a memory card or combined memory/battery card to backup the circuit
program in your LOGO!
The LOGO! circuit program is automatically stored in nonvolatile memory when you exit the
programming mode.
The memory card or combined memory/battery card can backup all data in the LOGO! circuit
program memory. The order numbers are found in the Appendix section entitled "Order
numbers (Page 285)".
Compatability (Old memory cards in newer LOGO! modules)
Data written to the memory card in an 0BA5 version can be read in all 0BA6 versions. 0BA4
memory cards cannot be read by 0BA6 versions.
A memory card that contains data written in earlier versions (0BA0...0BA3 devices) cannot
be used in LOGO! devices of the 0BA4 and later generations. When the LOGO! system
detects such an 'old' memory card, the message "Unknown Card / Press ESC" is output to
the display.
Vice versa, an 0BA4 or later memory card cannot be used in LOGO! devices of the
0BA0...0BA3 family.
Compatibility (New memory, battery, or combined memory/battery cards in older LOGO! modules)
The LOGO! 0BA6 memory card can be used in 0BA4 or 0BA5 devices to store a circuit
program but cannot be used in 0BA0..0BA3 devices.
A LOGO! 0BA6 Memory Card or LOGO! 0BA6 Memory/Battery Card that already has a
LOGO! 0BA6 circuit program stored on it cannot be used in any device other than a LOGO!
0BA6 device.
A LOGO! 0BA6 Battery Card or LOGO! 0BA6 Memory/Battery Card can only be used in
0BA6 devices.
Upward compatibility of circuit programs
Circuit programs written for the previous versions 0BA0...0BA5 can be transferred to 0BA6
units from LOGO!Soft Comfort.
Manual, 10/2017, A5E01248535-AA


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