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PI controller

Short description
Proportional-action and integral-action controllers. You can use both types of controller
individually or combined.
Symbol in LOGO!
Manual, 10/2017, A5E01248535-AA
Input A/M
Set the mode of the controller:
1: automatic mode
0: manual mode
Input R
Use the input R to reset the output AQ. As long as
this input is set, the input A/M is disabled.
Output AQ is set to 0.
Input PV
Analog value: process variable, influences the output
SP: Set-value assignment
Range of values:
-10,000 to +20,000
KC: Gain
Range of values:
00.00 to 99.99
TI: Integral time
Range of values:
00:01 to 99:59 m
Dir: Action direction of the controller
Range of values:
+ or -
Mq: Value from AQ with manual mode
Range of values:
0 to 1000
Min: Minimum value for PV
Range of values:
-10,000 to +20,000
Max: Maximum value for PV
Range of values:
-10,000 to +20,000
A: Gain
Range of values:
B: Offset
Range of values:
p: Number of decimals
Range of values:
0, 1, 2, 3
Output AQ
This special function has an analog output
(= manipulated variable). This output can only be
connected with the analog input of a function, an
analog flag or an analog output connector (AQ1,
Range of values for AQ:
LOGO! functions
4.4 Special functions list - SF


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