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LOGO! installation and wiring
What you must note when installing
LOGO! is designed for fixed and enclosed installation in the housing or the control cabinet.
Attempts to install or wire LOGO! or related equipment with power applied could cause
electric shock or faulty operation of the equipment. Failure to disable all power to LOGO!
and related equipment during installation or removal procedures could result in death or
serious injury to personnel, and/or damage to equipment.
Always follow appropriate safety precautions and ensure that power to LOGO! is disabled
before attempting to install or remove LOGO! or related equipment.
Modules of a LOGO! are open facilities. This means that you must install LOGO! only in a
housing or cabinet.
Allow access to the housings or cabinets only with the use of a key or a tool and only allow
access to authorized or approved personnel.
It is permissible to operate LOGO! from the front at any time.
Safety of electronic control equipment
The notes below apply regardless of the type or manufacturer of the electronic control.
Maximum reliability of LOGO! devices and components is achieved by implementing
extensive and cost-effective measures during development and manufacture.
This includes the following:
● Use of high-quality components
● Design of all circuits for worst-case scenarios
● Systematic and computer-aided testing of all components
● Burn-in of all large-scale integrated circuits (for example, processors, memory and so on)
● Prevention of static charge when handling MOS ICs
● Visual checks at different stages of manufacture
● Continuous heat-run test at elevated ambient temperature over a period of several days
● Careful computer-controlled final testing
● Statistical evaluation of all returned systems and components to enable the immediate
initiation of suitable corrective measures
● Monitoring of major control components, using online tests (cyclic interrupt for the CPU,
These measures are referred to as basic measures.
Manual, 10/2017, A5E01248535-AA


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