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Analog amplifier

Short description
This special function amplifies the value of an analog input and outputs the result at an
analog output.
Symbol in LOGO!
* AI1...AI8: 0...10 V corresponds with 0...1000 (internal value).
Gain and offset parameters
Please note the information on gain and offset parameters in topic Calculating the gain and
offset of analog values (Page 117).
Parameter p (number of decimals)
Applies only to the AQ value in a message text.
Functional description
The function fetches the analog signal of input Ax.
This value is multiplied by the value of the A (gain) parameter, and parameter B (offset) is
then added to the product: (Ax • gain) + offset = actual value Ax.
The actual value Ax is output at AQ.
Manual, 10/2017, A5E01248535-AA
Input Ax
You apply the analog signal to be amplified at input
Use the analog inputs AI1...AI8
AM1...AM6, the block number of a function with ana-
log output, or the analog outputs AQ1 and AQ2.
A: Gain
Range of values: ±10.00
B: Zero offset
Range of values: ±10,000
p: Number of decimals
Range of values: 0, 1, 2, 3
Output AQ
This special function has an analog output! This out-
put can only be connected with the analog input of a
function, an analog flag or an analog output connect-
or (AQ1, AQ2).
Range of values for AQ:
LOGO! functions
4.4 Special functions list - SF
, the analog flags


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