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Parameter inputs
At some of the inputs you do not apply any signals. You configure the relevant block values
instead. Examples:
● Par (Parameter):
This input will not be connected. Here, you set the relevant block parameters (times,
on/off thresholds etc.).
● No (Cam):
This input will not be connected. Here, you configure the time patterns.
● P (Priority):
This is an open input. Here, you define priorities and specify whether a message is to be
acknowledged in RUN.

Time response

Parameter T
At some of the SFs it is possible to configure a time value T. When you preset this time, note
that your input values are based on the timebase set:
s (seconds)
m (minutes)
h (hours)
Accuracy of T
Because of slight tolerances in the characteristics of electronic components, the set time T
can deviate. You can find a detailed description of such deviations in the "On-delay" topic
(Page 123).
Accuracy of the timer (weekly/yearly timer)
To prevent timing inaccuracy of the real-time clock in C versions caused by this deviation,
the timer value is continuously compared with a high-precision timebase and corrected. The
resultant maximum timing inaccuracy is ±5 s/day.
Manual, 10/2017, A5E01248535-AA
_ _ : _ _
seconds :
minutes : seconds
hours : minutes
LOGO! functions
4.3 Special Functions


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