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Basic functions list - GF

Basic functions represent simple logical elements of Boolean algebra.
You can invert the inputs of individual basic functions, that is, the circuit program inverts a
logical "1" at a relevant input to a logical "0"; if "0" is set at the input, the program sets a
logical "1". See the programming example at Circuit program input (Page 71).
The GF list contains the basic function blocks you can use for your circuit program. The
following basic functions are available:
View in the circuit diagram
Manual, 10/2017, A5E01248535-AA
View in LOGO!
LOGO! functions
4.2 Basic functions list - GF
Name of the basic function
AND (Page 108)
AND with edge evaluation
(Page 109)
NAND (Page 109)
(not AND)
NAND with edge evaluation
(Page 110)
OR (Page 111)
NOR (Page 112)
(not OR)


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