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New features of the LOGO! 0BA6 device series
● A new expansion module named LOGO! AM2 RTD is commercially available. The
module is equipped with two analog inputs for connection to PT100 and/or PT1000
sensors with the default temperature coefficient of α = 0.003850 for both sensor types.
The LOGO! AM2 PT100 expansion module, however, only supports PT100 sensors.
● The LOGO! AM2 RTD module can automatically recognize the sensor type. It is thus
unnecessary for you to make any configuration or setting to achieve this.
● Two new LOGO! versions LOGO! 24C and LOGO! 24Co (each with a built-in real-time
clock) are commercially available.
● The LOGO! TD (Text Display) provides an additional display device for messages, and
contains four cursor keys and four functions keys that can be used in the circuit program.
● An additional password protection function is available in the LOGO! TD (version ES4 or
later) and can only be enabled when the LOGO! TD is used together with a LOGO! Base
Module (version ES4 or later).
● The new LOGO! Battery Card and the LOGO! Combined Memory/Battery Card provide
up to two years of backup time for the real–time clock. The new LOGO! Memory Card and
the Combined Memory/Battery Card provide 32 Kbytes memory space.
● Additional optional analog inputs and fast digital inputs are available on some of the
LOGO! 0BA6 Base Modules.
● LOGO! 0BA6 configuration menus can be displayed in one of ten supported languages.
You have a configuration choice to specify the language for LOGO! menus.
● New instruction blocks are available: Pulse Width Modulator (PWM), Analog Math, and
Analog Math Error Detection.
● Message texts can tick on and off the display; can include bar graphs, can switch
between two character sets, and can be displayed on either the LOGO! onboard display,
the LOGO! TD, or both. Full editing capabilities are available from LOGO!Soft Comfort;
editing from the LOGO! Basic is limited to simple text. See topic "Compatibility (Page 31)"
for further details.
● A modem interface between a PC and LOGO! 0BA6 Base Module is supported, and is
configurable only from LOGO!Soft Comfort. LOGO! 0BA6 supports the following modems:
– INSYS Modem 336 4 1
– INSYS Modem 56K small INT 2.0
You can also use other modems with LOGO! 0BA6 provided that these modems meet the
requirements specified in the "Connecting modems (Page 51)" topic.
● USB PC cable between a PC and LOGO! Base Module is available as an option.
● Modem cable between a modem and LOGO! Base Module is available as an option.
● This series supports 0/4–20 mA for the AM2 AQ analog outputs.
● You can now have up to 200 program blocks in your circuit program.
Manual, 10/2017, A5E01248535-AA


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