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● Current Character Set: which character set is selected for the display of message texts
Message texts supported by LOGO! 0BA5 will display on the LOGO! TD only when the
following conditions are met:
- CharSet1 is selected and set to ISO8859-1
- Current Character Set "CurrCharSet" is set to CharSet1
Of the fifty possible message texts that you can configure, you can select any number of
them to be from the first language and any number from the second language. For example,
you could configure fifty message text function blocks that have a single message text for
Character Set 1. Alternatively, you could configure twenty-five message text function blocks,
each of which has two message texts: one for Character Set 1 and one for Character Set 2.
Any combination is valid such that the total does not exceed fifty.
Within a single message text, the text must be from one character set. You can edit
message texts in any of the supported character sets from LOGO!Soft Comfort. From the
LOGO! Basic, you can only edit text using characters from the ISO8859-1 character set.
The language and therefore character set of a message text is independent of the language
setting for menus on the LOGO! onboard display. They can be different.
Chinese Character Set
The LOGO! Basic and LOGO! TD support the Chinese character set (GB-2312) for the
People's Republic of China. The devices use Microsoft Windows encoding for this character
set. The Windows encoding allows the devices to display the same characters as shown in
the LOGO!Soft Comfort message text editor when you are using a Chinese emulator or a
Chinese version of Microsoft Windows.
The Chinese character set requires a Chinese version of Windows or a Chinese emulator to
properly display Chinese characters in the LOGO!Soft Comfort message text editor. You
must start the Chinese emulator before you open the the message text function block in
LOGO!Soft Comfort.
Manual, 10/2017, A5E01248535-AA
LOGO! functions
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