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LOGO! functions
4.4 Special functions list - SF
Analog output
If you interconnect this special function with a real analog output, note that the analog output
can only process values between 0 and 1000. To do this, you may need to connect an
additional amplifier between the analog output of the special function and the real analog
output. Using this amplifier, you standardize the output range of the special function to a
value range of 0 to 1000.
Scaling an analog input value
You can influence the analog input value of a potentiometer by interconnecting an analog
input with an analog amplifier and an analog flag.
● Scale the analog value at the analog amplifier for further use.
● Connect, for example, the time base for parameter T of a time function (e.g. On-/Off-delay
(Page 127)) or the on and/or off limit specification of an up/down counter (Page 151) to
the scaled analog value.
For more information with programming examples refer to the online help for LOGO!Soft
Setting the Par parameter
The gain and offset parameters are used to adapt the sensors to the relevant application.
View in programming mode (example):
View in parameter assignment mode (example):
Manual, 10/2017, A5E01248535-AA


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