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Features of the LOGO! TD
The LOGO! TD is available beginning with the 0BA6 series. It provides an additional display
that is wider than the LOGO! Basic. It has four function keys that you can program in your
circuit program as inputs. Like the LOGO! Basic, it has four cursor keys, an ESC key and an
OK key that you can also program in your circuit program and use for navigation on the
You can create and download a power-up screen for the LOGO! TD from LOGO!Soft
Comfort. This screen displays briefly when you initially power on the LOGO! TD. You can
also upload the power-up screen from the LOGO! TD to LOGO!Soft Comfort.
The menus for the LOGO! TD are shown in Appendix section D.2. You configure the settings
for the LOGO! TD independently from the LOGO! Basic. The settings can be different.
Which communication modules are available?
● LOGO! communication module (CM) AS interface, which is described in more detail in a
separate documentation.
The communication module has four virtual inputs and outputs, and acts as an interface
between an AS-Interface system and a LOGO! system. The module enables four data
bits to be transferred from the LOGO! Base Module to the AS-Interface system and vice
● LOGO! communication module (CM) EIB/KNX, which is described in more detail in a
separate documentation.
CM EIB/KNX is a communication module (CM) for connecting the LOGO! to the
As an interface to
devices. To do this, you store a configuration in the CM EIB/KNX that specifies the
inputs/outputs of the LOGO! to the
the corresponding inputs/outputs using LOGO! functions.
Manual, 10/2017, A5E01248535-AA
, CM EIB/KNX makes it possible to communicate with other
bus that are to be mapped. You can interconnect
Getting started with LOGO!


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