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Status Informations For The Rtty Monitor; Configuration Entries For The Lan Console - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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rttyadm -T <level> lanconsole
Error situations are logged in the basic level (trace level 0). The other trace lev-
els record additional information on the establishment and clearing down of con-
nections and other activities of the rtty monitor, including timeouts and control
of access to the RCA.
The extended trace mode (level > 0) should only be used briefly so that
the log file does not become too big.

Status informations for the rtty monitor

The system uses the sacadm and pmadm tools to manage the rtty monitor.
These tools allow the state of the rtty monitor to be viewed and the monitor itself
to be manipulated - see the manpages on sacadm and pmadm.

Configuration entries for the LAN Console

When a configuration entry is created for the LAN Console with mklancon,
entries are generated in the rtty -specific /etc/saf/lanconsole/_pmtab and /etc/saf/
lanconsole/_shadow files.
Under the specified console name, the _pmtab file contains information about
the device used, the system name and port number of the RCA as well as inter-
nal rtty details of the type of connection. For each console name, the _shadow
file contains the encrypted password for accessing the RCA.
This information on configuration entries can be displayed with showlancon or
with the system tool pmadm -l -p lanconsole.
In addition, the mklancon configuration tool modifies the system files /etc/uupc/
Devices and /etc/uucp/Systems.
A record is appended to the Systems file for every configuration entry. The first
field of this record contains the console name. The third field in this record con-
tains the internal name Scon<line>. If this name has already been allocated by
other system tools, an internal name of the type Scon0<line> , ...,
Scon00000<line> is generated, where <line> identifies the number of the rtty
device, i.e. it is derived from the device information of the associated _pmtab
entry: /dev/rtty/<line>.
An entry is written to the Devices file under the internal name that is generated
in this way.