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Teleservice - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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The LAN Console is the central point of Teleservice access to the networked
(MR) servers that can be reached from the LAN Console.
Teleservice gives you rapid access to the Service organization and gives Ser-
vice fast, selective access to your system where necessary.
The following is needed for Teleservice:
– High-speed modem with the necessary cabling and installation instructions
– A mains power supply (230V)
– A telephone connection (TAE) near the system
– The Teleservice software provided on the system management CD
Since multiple RM or PRIMEPOWER (MR) servers can be administrated from
the LAN Console, fewer modems are required. The modem is not included with
the LAN Console product.
The software comes with a detailed release notice that you can find under
/opt/readme/telesv-d/fgm00. There is also a HELP function for every menu item. A
CHOICES function is available when there are several options. You can order a
manual for the Teleservice software from your sales partner.
Preparatory work for Teleservice
Some preliminary work is needed before getting Teleservice started, but
any user with some technical skill can do this with the aid of these instruc-
tions and the online help. Get in touch with the technician responsible for
installing your system if you do not want to do this preliminary work your-
If you encounter a generation or registration problem in the course of installa-
tion, call your Service hotline and report your Teleservice problem (in Germany
the number for the Siemens IT Service hotline is 0180/5-2202).
You can find out more about Teleservice on the Internet under