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Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation page 32

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Installing the software packages
Ê Double-click Installer and then keep clicking the Next button until the follow-
ing mask appears:
Figure 14: Installation mask for Control CD
Ê Choose the "LAN Console" product.
The following packages are installed in the directory /opt/SMAW:
– SMAWrtty
– SMAWrins
– SMAWtelx
– SMAWxsco
Where there are several systems to be administered by the LAN Console at
the same time in one or more domains, the licensed „Domain Admin 2.0"
product must be installed (see manual WebSysAdmin / Domain Admin 2.0).
Ê Teleservice 4.0 (SMAWtssv) is already preinstalled.
If you want to use the Teleservice component, check the default set-
tings for the useradd command as described in the section "Software
installation" on page 57.
The following Solaris packages are already preinstalled for the SMAWxsco pack-
LAN Console