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Functionality; Functions Supported - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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This chapter describes the functionality of the LAN Console for RM and PRIME-
POWER (MR) servers.

Functions supported

The LAN Console supports the following functions:
1. It can be used for installation, configuration, administration, and cluster and
diagnostics management of one or more connected RM or PRIMEPOWER
(MR) servers.
2. It can be used as System Management Console (SMC) of PRIMEPOWER
Enterprise Servers. This requires an upgrade of 128 MByte main memory,
DAT drive, Combo controller and System Console Software (SCS), which
are not part of the standard LAN Console.
3. Input and output take place on the keyboard and display of the LAN Console.
4. All functions of a character-oriented display, including IKDB (Internal Kernel
Debugger) and BDM (Board Debug Monitor) or OBP (Open Boot Prom)
Monitor and rebooting of a system can be carried out with the LAN Console.
5. The xscon tool is used to select and represent one or more consoles of RM
and PRIMEPOWER (MR) servers.
6. RM and PRIMEPOWER (MR) servers can also be booted and installed
remotely (via LAN).
7. Connection to Teleservice.
8. The LAN Console can be used simultaneously as a console on RM and
PRIMEPOWER (MR) servers and with hardware/software upgrades as an
SMC for the PRIMEPOWER Enterprise Server.
9. The LAN Console can be used as cluster console in high availability appli-
cations with RM an PRIMEPOWER (MR) Servers. This requires additional
components such as a further ethernet controller and software, which are
not part of the standard LAN Console. By default the LAN Console has two
Fast Ethernet controllers (onboard). The console takes over the function of
monitoring the system cluster as a whole and the function of system console
for all connected RM and PRIMEPOWER systems.