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Setup_Rm_Server - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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Remote boot und installation
These scripts do not support NIS (Network Information Service) or NIS+ (Net-
work Information Service Plus). This means there must be a file named /etc/hosts
on the server or DNS must be running.
Refer to the Installation Manual for the RM600, particularly the chapter on
remote installation there.


1. If Volume Management (/etc/init.d/volmgt) has not been started (vold is
not running), you have to manually mount the CD-ROM containing the
Reliant UNIX operating system before starting the setup_RM_server com-
2. nfs must be running. It must be possible to use the share and mount com-
mands. This means /usr/lib/nfs/mountd and /usr/lib/nfs/nfsd must be run-
ning (started from /etc/rc3.d/S15nfs.server, or from /etc/init.d/nfs.server if
/etc/dfs/dfstab contains entries). More information on this is given in the
"NFS Administration Guide" for Solaris.
3. There must be enough free space in /tftpboot to store the boot files (sash,
Miniroot and unix). These take up about 30 MB for each operating system
version that is going to be installed.
If there is not enough space, an attempt is made with nfs to mount the
data from /var/sadm/remote/cdrom/BOOT (or from /var/sadm/remote/ <VER-
SION>/cdrom/BOOT) to /tftpboot (or to /tftpboot/<VERSION>). If this does
not work (because, for example, /tftpboot already contains other data),
you should mount a disk partition onto /tftpboot with enough space for all
the data.
No links
Since the TFTP service is started in security mode you cannot
operate with hard or symbolic links.
4. There must be enough free space in /var/sadm to copy the data from the
CD-ROM containing Reliant UNIX (500-650 MB per operating system
version). Alternatively you can set a symbolic link, for example
ln -s /export/home