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Configuring The Rca - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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-n ConsoleName
The configuration entry belonging to the specified symbolic system name
is output.
All configuration entries on the LAN Console are displayed.
Finally the current state of the RTTY Monitor is displayed (e.g. NOTRUNNING).
For more information on the RTTY Monitor see section "Status informations for
the rtty monitor" on page 84).

Configuring the RCA

To be configured successfully, the RCA must be known in the LAN and be
accessible on it, and all console connections (V.24 lines) from the RCA to the
required RM or PRIMEPOWER (MR) servers must have been implemented.
The RCA is configured with bootp request. The state in which the RCA is shipped
ensures that the necessary setup information is loaded from a boot server the
first time the RCA is booted.
Since the RCA does not have a keyboard or display of its own, the LAN Console
assumes the role of the boot server. The necessary setup data for the RCA has
to be made available and the BOOTP service has to be activated on the LAN
The RCA is thus configured in the following steps:
– Preparing the setup data
– Calling the mkrca script to activate the BOOTP services and prepare for con-
figuration of the RCA
– Switching on the RCA
Preparing the setup data
The SMAWxsco package provides the /opt/SMAW/SMAWxsco/misc/setup.tpl tem-
plate file to determine the setup data.
Ê Copy this file to any work file.
Do not change the template file
The template file itself should not be modified so that it is available to
configure other RCAs.
Ê Now fill the work file using an editor.
Configuring the LAN Console and RCA