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Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation page 87

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xscon call
xscon can be called by root only.
The RCA must have been configured with the aid of the mkrca command.
You can obtain an exact description of the xscon command by displaying its
manual page:
man xscon
xscon [<ConsoleName1>[,<ConsoleName2>[...]]]
Calling xscon without parameters brings up a user interface showing the avail-
able RM and PRIMEPOWER (MR) servers for selection. When xscon Console-
Name is executed, the connection to the selected system is established directly.
You make the selection via "Establish Connections".
If logging mode is enabled, all console output will be logged. The log file is given
the default name /tmp/XSCON_<ConsoleName> (see also "Log files" on
page 83). The log file will be created and stored on the system on which xscon
was started.
If the SMAWtssv package has also been installed, you can choose from a menu
whether or not you want to use Teleservice.
A console window is opened for each connection. If the connection to the RCA
cannot be established within 10 seconds, an error message is output and the
console window is closed.
xscon supports up to 64 RM/PRIMEPOWER (MR) server connections.
To be able to operate display-dependent applications on a console, the TERM
environment variable has to be set in accordance with the selected terminal
You can use the normal resources to configure the emulation windows that are
to be started. The instance name of these emulation windows is xscon and their
class name is XTerm.
Example: Entry in .Xdefaults to configure the font on the console terminal:
.xscon.*.font: lucidasanstypewriter-14