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Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation page 83

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This macro contains data that is the same for all assigned computers
(e.g. the boot file or the pointer to the associated network table). Different
network tables apply to computers that are in different subnets so differ-
ent macros have to be defined for them.
It is advisable, for instance, to give it the same name as the VERSION
from the setup_RM_server call. In this way, all RM clients which are to be
installed with this version and are located in the same subnet get the
same macro and thus the same values from /var/dhcp/dhcptab.
The path name of the boot file relative to the tftp home directory.
/tftpboot is the tftp home directory (defined by the entry in /etc/inetd.conf).
Y4B0033/sash_b20 is then the relative path of the boot file.
The name (host name) of the client.
Format 2:
add_RM_client -D <CLIENT_NAME>
A client for the BOOTP service is deleted on a Solaris system with the
add_RM_client tool.
This call removes the entries for CLIENT_NAME from the DHCP tables.
The assigned macro is also removed from the DHCP tables providing
there are no other pointers to it.
This format is particularly important if an incorrect value was specified for
entry of a client (i.e. in an earlier call of add_RM_client). To correct this,
the incorrect entry is first deleted with the -D option and then re-entered
with the correct parameters by calling add_RM_client again.
Remote boot und installation