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Selecting Validated Teleservice Modems - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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Ê The device name of the Teleservice channel should be already displayed. If
you want to use a different port, you have to change this setting here.
Ê For the standard modem that is currently delivered, enter elsa-ml336tq.1 or
elsa-ml56pro.1 depending on the modem. If you are using a different
modem, note the validated Teleservice modems on the next page.
Ê Enter the call number under which your modem can be reached from your
local telephone network. Enter the number without the area code.
Ê If the modem is connected to a private automatic branch exchange (PABX),
enter the exchange code (outside line code) that you dial to make a local or
long-distance call on the Teleservice connection. This is "0" on many PABXs.
The fields are not filled in for direct connections to the public telephone net-
Ê Save these settings by choosing SAVE.

Selecting validated Teleservice modems

If you are connecting a different modem, the CHOICES function will show you
a list of all validated modems and you can choose the right one. If there are sev-
eral entries for one modem type, choose the one with the highest suffix. Select
ENTER to exit the next screen.
Ê When window 2 "Install Teleservice channel" is opened again, choose option
b "Install Modem for Teleservice channel".