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Target Group; Summary Of Contents - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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Target group

This manual is targeted at system administrators. Knowledge of Reliant UNIX
and Solaris systems is required. If any problems occur with the RCA (Remote
Communication Adapter) or the SPARC-based LAN Console during operation,
please contact your local Service organization.
LAN Console and RCA are not SIDATA-compatible
The LAN Console and RCA do not support SIDATA, i.e. they must be
installed and started up by a technician. System administrators are given
instructions on setting them up and configuring them.

Summary of contents

Safety notes
It is essential to read the chapter "Safety notes" on page 5 before start-
ing to work with the LAN Console. This chapter contains essential infor-
mation for proper installation and handling of this device.
This manual describes how to install the LAN Console and the RCA, how to con-
figure the system and how to operate the LAN Console.
The chapter "LAN Console" on page 9 tells you everything about installing the
LAN Console and setting up the software from the CD-ROM.
The chapter "Installing the RCA" on page 29 presents the hardware of the RCA.
It tells you how to install the device, cable it and start it up.
The chapter "Configuration" on page 39 explains the (initial) configuration of the
RCA and LAN Console, how to set up Teleservice and TeleCall and remote
The chapter "Operation" on page 79 describes how to select RM systems with
xscon and how to change a LAN Console.
The section "Diagnostics" on page 83 provides support for troubleshooting and
The "Appendix" on page 89 contains screen masks for setting up the RCA.
You will find other helpful information in the reference chapters "Glossary" on
page 109, "Related publications" on page 115 and "Index" at the end of the
Target group