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Preface - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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The LAN Console acts as a system console for one or more RM or PRIME-
POWER midrange servers. The server systems are connected to the LAN Con-
sole via the RCA (Remote Communication Adapter), a V.24/Ethernet converter
located close to the system (max. 15m away) or in the system cabinets. The
LAN Console can be connected at any point in the LAN, thus at a distance away
from the systems being administered.
The LAN Console is based on a high-performance SPARC processor in a desk-
top model, which can also be installed and operated in a 19-inch rack using a
rack mounting kit. It is released for the following products:
– RM300/400/600 with Reliant UNIX
– PRIMEPOWER 100N/200/400/600 (Midrange Server, MR) with Solaris
– PRIMEPOWER 800/1000/2000 (Enterprise Server, EP) with Solaris
This SPARC-based LAN Console can be used both as a central system console
for midrange servers and as a system management console for enterprise serv-
Midrange Server
This includes the RM 300/400/600, ServerNode models and the
PRIMEPOWER midrange server models 100N/200/400/600. Genuine
LAN console software is used on the LAN Console for managing the
server systems. The Remote Communication Adapter (RCA) can be
used as a V.24/Ethernet converter.
Enterprise Server
This includes the PRIMEPOWER server models 800/1000/2000. The
LAN Console is used as a system management console (SMC), which
manages systems and system partitions with upgrade components. The
SPARC-based LAN Console is a cost-effective alternative to an SMC on
the basis of a PRIMEPOWER 200 system console. When used as an
SMC, the LAN Console should be equipped with additional hardware.
The SCS (System Console Software) software is used as well as the
Console Connection Units (CCU) as V.24/Ethernet converters in the sys-
tem cabinets. Use of the console as an SMC is not described in this man-
ual, rather in the manual
"PRIMEPOWER (Solaris): System Management Console".