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Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation page 79

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setup_RM_server [-V VERSION]
A Solaris system can be set up as a boot/installation server for an RM with the
setup_RM_server tool.
In this case multiple versions of Reliant UNIX can be provided in parallel
on the LAN Console for remote installation of the RM devices.
The data for installing the version VERSION is stored under
The files for booting the version VERSION are stored under
The value of the VERSION variable must comply with a specific syntax consist-
ing of the letter from the computer ID (N or Y), the last digit of the supplementary
version (3 for 5.43, 4 for 5.44, 5 for 5.45), the letter of the revision level and the
digits of the source patch level, object patch level and production level (C3004
for 5.43 C30, C1013 for 5.44 C10).
This syntax is important because the installation scripts on the RM ascertain
precisely this variable from the UNIX that was booted for the installation process
and then use this variable to search through the path on the server for the data
for the required NFS (Network File System) mount.
Parameter -V not specified:
In this case only one version of Reliant UNIX can be provided on the Solaris sys-
tem for remote installation of RM machines.
The data for the installation is stored under /var/sadm/remote/cdrom.
The files for booting are stored directly under /tftpboot.
Procedure in the system
1. Check and start the rarpd service
2. Start DHCP in BOOTP mode by calling bootpconf
3. Check and start the tftpd service
4. Create the directories /var/sadm/remote and /var/sadm/remote/cdrom and the
directories /var/sadm/remote/<VERSION> and
Remote boot und installation