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Software Installation On The Rm; Software Installation On The Primepower (Mr); Generating The Telecall Cluster - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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Software installation on the RM

Ê Install the SItelx software package using the pkgadd command, or from the
CD-SYS-MI via the sysadm user interface.
Ê Answer the questions during installation as follows:
 Do You want to use DOMAIN TELESERVICE DISTRIBUTION immediately?
 (Standard: n) [y,n,?] y
 Select node to collect for TELESERVICE: <LAN Console SystemName>

Software installation on the PRIMEPOWER (MR)

Ê Install the SMAWtelx and SMAWskel software packages (from the
Teleservice_Distribution directory on the system management CD). The soft-
ware packages are installed automatically in accordance with Solaris 8 con-
Ê Answer the questions during installation with yes.

Generating the Telecall cluster

Before continuing with generation of the TeleCall cluster,
Ê make sure that the SMAWtelx or SItelx software package has been installed
on all machines involved and that the LAN Console has a fully functional
Teleservice connection to a Siemens IT Service Teleservice center.
Ê test this if you need to via the Teleservice menu (submenu: – Simple
TELESERVICE Administration, menu item: – Test Connection to a Teleservice
Note that this function can only be used in conjunction with the sup-
port center that is responsible for you (see the introduction to the sec-
tion "TeleCall").
The TeleCall cluster now has to be generated on the LAN Console.
1. Log in to the LAN Console under a user ID with root privileges and start the
teleadm command from the shell. You will see the following start screen: