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Another Rca Connected To The Lan Console; Another Lan Console Connected To The Rca; Modifying The Lan Console And Rca - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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Configuring the LAN Console and RCA
appropriate port number on the "Ports" screen page in the RCA setup routine.
Port number 300x corresponds to COMx. See the section "Ports" on page 95 in
the "Appendix".
Existing configuration entries can be checked, removed and changed in the way
described in the section "Configuring the LAN Console" on page 43.

Another RCA connected to the LAN Console

Another RCA is configured in basically the same way as described in the sec-
tion "Initial configuration of the LAN Console and RCA" on page 42. First, at
least one configuration entry should be created for the existing LAN Console
using the new RCA as described under "Commands" on page 43 (mklancon).
The RCA is configured in keeping with the section "Configuring the RCA". The
network data and Ethernet address of the new RCA as well as the port numbers
of the configuration entries created for this RCA are needed to do this as
described in the section "Initial configuration of the LAN Console and RCA" on
page 42.
Finally, the RCA has to be activated as described under "BOOTP service for
RCA" on page 48 and "Switching on the RCA" on page 49.

Another LAN Console connected to the RCA

To configure another LAN Console connected to an existing RCA, all configura-
tion entries for the existing LAN Console must also be created on the additional
LAN Console with the same parameter settings. You can get the necessary
information about existing configuration entries with the showlancon command.
The entries on the new LAN Console are again created with mklancon - see the
section "Configuring the LAN Console" on page 43.
If no DNS server has been entered for the RCA, a host entry has to be entered
for the new LAN Console in the RCA setup - see the "Appendix" on page 89 and
the section "Hosts/DNS".

Modifying the LAN Console and RCA

The following sections outline the approach to modifying a configuration entry
and the RCA setup changes that are relevant for the LAN Console. The steps
for removing a LAN Console or RCA configuration are also outlined.