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Configuration; Configuring The Primepower (Mr) - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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In order to be able to configure the system, the LAN Console must have been
connected to the RCA via a LAN and the RCA must have been connected to
one or more RM or PRIMEPOWER (MR) servers via V.24 cabling (see figure
"Connections on the rear of the device" on page 29).
From the LAN Console, the system administrator manages both the RCA and
the console connections of the attached RM and PRIMEPOWER (MR) servers.
No further preparatory steps are required for RM systems but PRIMEPOWER
(MR) servers have to be configured as described in the following sections.

Configuring the PRIMEPOWER (MR)

If you have connected your LAN Console to a PRIMEPOWER (MR) instead of
a graphical console - including keyboard and mouse - you have to redirect all
console inputs and outputs to serial port A. The console comes with an adapter
already in place (25-pin --> 9-pin).
To do this, you first connect port A by means of a V.24 cable to the required port
on the RCA in accordance with the description in the sections "Connecting the
cables" on page 29 and "Cable types" on page 34 and the definition given in
"Commands" on page 43, section mklancon.
The Solaris operating system detects which serial port is connected, i.e. no
explicit reconfiguration is required.
The terminal type needs to be set for the console login:
Ê In the /etc/inittab file, set the terminal type xterm in the entry for the console
...:/usr/lib/saf/ttymon -g ... -d /dev/console -T xterm
The line speed for the connected port of the RCA must be set to 9600 baud in
the RCA setup routine, see section "Ports" in the Appendix.
-l console