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Configuring The Lan Console - Fujitsu LAN Console Installation, Configuration And Operation

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Define a password for setup access to the RCA (see the section "BOOTP
service for RCA" on page 48).

Configuring the LAN Console

The LAN Console can represent up to 64 consoles on RM or PRIMEPOWER
(MR) servers. When configuring the LAN Console for the first time, you have to
define the console access, called a configuration entry, to at least one RM or
PRIMEPOWER (MR) server. This is done with the aid of the
/opt/SMAWxsco/sbin/mklancon script specifying the system name of the RCA
(RCA SystemName), the RCA port number to be used (RCA PortNumber) and the
console name (ConsoleName). The console name is the logical address of the
RM or PRIMEPOWER (MR) server that is going to be administrated. It is advis-
able to use the system name of the RM or PRIMEPOWER (MR) server as the
console name.
The /opt/SMAW/SMAWxsco/sbin/showlancon script checks the configuration
entries that are created. Configuration entries can be removed with the aid of
/opt/SMAW/SMAWxsco/sbin/rmlancon. If parameters for a configuration entry need
to be changed, this entry has to be deleted and recreated with the new data.
For each of these commands there is a description which you can look up with
"man command name".
mklancon - Configuring a LAN Console
mklancon <RCA SystemName> <RCA PortNumber > <ConsoleName>
The command arguments determine the RCA port for which a configuration
entry is generated.
RCA SystemName
The system name of the required RCA.
RCA PortNumber
A unique TCP/IP port number which is served by the RCA. The port num-
ber must range from 3001 to 3006.
The symbolic system name that is going to be used. This name must not
exist already. It has a maximum length of 11 characters and it must con-
sist of alphanumeric characters only.
Configuring the LAN Console and RCA